As an educators we are quite aware that everyone learns differently. Many of the persons who wish to do classes with us are a bit apprehensive about a fully online experience, although we must admit that we love the online experience. We must listen to our customers. They want to hear us, see us and ask question as if they were sitting in a classroom. We are listening.


So how will it work?

  • Well you log in to your home, office or anyplace you want via a link sent to you by email at the time scheduled (you will be advised by email).
  • Next you listen to the lecture given live by us.
  • You make notes and you can ask questions via the chat room or your microphone.

What are the Class timings?

You can customize your class timings according to your needs. 

What if I miss class?

You will get the backup of missed classes every week.

Who can register?

Any person in the world who wishes to Learn Export and Import management Trade students from anywhere in the world

  1. Professionals who want to start up business.
  2. Manufacturers of all scales.
  3. Infrastructure company owners.
  4. Distributors and Dealers of any product.
  5. Consultants.
  6. Media Businesses.
  7. IT Businesses.
  8. Franchise owners.
  9. Youngsters who want to convert their ideas into business.
  10. Of Course, All Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.
  11. Entrepreneurs who are struggling with their cash flows.
  12. Working women professionals, Housewives.
  13. Existing Importers and Exporters.


Any person who simply wants to personally develop himself or herself and simply loves learning and may not wish to sit an exam.

How do I sign up?

Visit our Home Page, click contact us and Fill in your information and submit! That’s all.

How do I pay?

You will pay by credit card,debit card , internet banking, all digital payment methods, demand draft and cheque. An invoice will be emailed to the address you supplied in the registration form. Look out for it in your inbox.YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR RECEIPT VIA EMAIL AND A WELCOME MESSAGE WITH INSTRUCTIONS AFTER PAYING. Payment must be received prior to the start of classes.

What are the fees?

You will pay only 29,999 INR or 462 $ US DOLLORS .Economical if you ask me. You can also pay in 2 instalments.

What about a Study Materials?

You will get the ppt files of notes and other soft scan copies of all license documents by email. We are dedicated to teaching creatively, economically and effectively. This is an offer not to be missed to Learn Export and Import Management of Business in the comfort of your own home or any place at a price that cannot be beat. NO STUDENT has ever disappointed by our online methods. You + We =SUCCESSRegister Today.