Now a days jute bags are the most common and usable products that are manufactured and sold in the market. The demand for jute bags has excessively increased over the last year. People now days carry these bags as stylish hand bags. A recent study has shown that the general public has become very bored of carrying bags made of leather bags or even plastic bags.

Now days, you can use jute bags in multiple purposes such as:-

  1. Women using jute bags as stylish handbags Now days
  2. Students use jute bags to carry books  to school or College
  3. These are used as shopping bags all over the world
  4. These are used to carry lunch to work.

Jute Bags is a Good product to Export. People often find some Different product to export. This can be a good option for exporters. As right now there is less competition in this product. You can easily gain competitive advantage over this.

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The best thing about buying these jute bags is that they are not expensive as compare to other material bags; also these bags are eco-friendly and reusable.

The Major Markets for export of jute bags from India are Sweden, Thailand, Saudi-Arabia, Sri Lanka etc. and for Import purpose you can import from Bangladesh in huge quantities.

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