Few Things to know about Startup India Action Plan

Startup India is an initiative by Indian government to promote the new dimensions to entrepreneurship in the country.

The Main objective is to create jobs for the country and to make India more competitive globally. Through this campaign government is supporting the new entrepreneurs by enabling them the funds and investments required.

The government is also adopting the new tried and successful methods from other countries that can work for our country as well in terms of generating employment.

The government is going to contribute a corpus of Rs 10000 crores in Startup India Scheme.

Benefits of Start Up India Action plan

  1. No Capital gains Tax on Personal Property Sold to invest in startups
  2. No Income tax will be charged on profits from the new startups for first 3 years
  3. No inspection for first 3 years of startup
  4. Self-certification option for startups
  5. Simplifying the patent rules and process
  6. 80% rebate on filing a Patent Application
  7. Startup hub will be a single source for information and guidance
  8. Mobile oriented easy application form for Startups
  9. Easy exit policy to be introduced for startups, which will help startups to exit in 90 days
  10. Credit guarantee scheme will be provided for loans.
  11. New policies will come to boost and help the Women entrepreneurs
  12. New bio clusters will be set up to help the Biotech sector.


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