Green Coffee and its positive and negative effects

Green coffee is good substitution of normal coffee. Normal brown coffee is ruling domestic as well as international market with its famous Coffee varieties such as Espresso, cappuccino, Americano, café latte, Mocha chino etc. But in coming future days the Green Coffee is going to win the hearts of the consumers due to its various health benefits and nutritional values.

Green coffee is now entering in the international market for export purposes.

Green Coffee is basically cultivated in Kerala, Goa, Tamilnadu etc.

It’s a good, Trendy and healthy product for Coffee Lovers. They can substitute green tea with green coffee.

The Major Markets for export of Green Coffee from India are Italy, Russia, Greece, France, Korea, America, Kuwait etc.

Green Coffee is a Good product to Export. People often find some Different product to export. This can be a good option for exporters. As right now there is less competition in this product. You can easily gain competitive advantage over this.

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Positive Effects of Green coffee

  1. Green coffee will help you in shed your weight
  2. Green Coffee contains diseases fighting antioxidant which helps the body to prevent the diseases like Obesity, skin allergies, cancers etc.
  3. Green Coffee slows down The sign of premature aging.
  4. Green coffee act as an anti –diabetic for Diabetic Patients.

Negative Impacts of Green coffee

  1. Over consumption of Green coffee can disturb your health, as it contains higher content of caffeine ,it can cause Insomnia and Restlessness
  2. Higher Intake of Green coffee is not advisable for Pregnant Women and Kids

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