A new fruit in the market ARKA SAHAN for Export

Arka sahan is a new fruit in the Indian market. It is similar to custard apple. Our country is trying to push its export in china market. India has requested china to give export clearance to this new variety of custard apple which is called Arka Sahan.

It is made up with two different fruit species. It includes 75% sitaphal and 25% cherimoya.

It is right now planted in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Gujarat regions.

Benefits of Arka sahan (Custard apple)

  1. This custard apple which is high on nutritional values.
  2. It has 87% more crude proteins, 44% more calcium and 250% more phosphorus as compared to custard apple which is more healthier for our body.
  3. The size of this fruit is bigger, Its almost 250% bigger than custard apple.
  4. It has long shelf life and is slow ripening nature make its suitable for export purpose. This fruit is cultivated in Hot Dry regions.


It is possible that in next year 2016 our country will start exporting this product to other countries like china, UK, USA etc. to boost the Export Trade. As it is a new and unique product to Export. People often find some new and unique product to export. This can be a good option for exporters. As right now there is no competition in this product. You can easily gain competitive advantage over this fruit.

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