Promoting Black Rice

Black rice is good substitution of white rice. White rice is ruling domestic as well as international market with its famous Basmati Variety. But in coming future days the black rice is going to win the hearts of the consumers due to its various health benefits and nutritional values. Black rice is mainly grown in Manipur. The major and most consuming area of black rice is in Manipur. It is also called “Chakhao” in Manipur. Black rice taste really good. It is popular among locals for its tasty nutty flavour.

Black Rice is now entering in the international market for export purposes through china.

Black rice is basically cultivated in India’s northeast part and china

Black Rice has a good International Market in USA, Australia and European Countries. As people of their country like to consume new and nutritious food items and black rice is the good product for exporters  to sell in International Markets.

Here in Our institute Export Experts we also help our students in product selection so that they can start their own Export Import Business. We teach them the procedure, how they can start their own business of export and import in a Small Investment.

The agricultural research institutions of India is making plan on how to promote black rice and  its varieties to earn more foreign exchange for the country that will help in solving country’s foreign exchange crisis, generate employment and also they want to improve the condition of farmers of northeast area.

The Major benefits of Black rice are that it contains diseases fighting antioxidants and fiber which helps the body to prevent the diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases. Black rice also helps in fighting cancer disease as well.

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