There are so many reasons for exporting the products, but first let we discuss about what is export? And why a country needs to export?

Export is process of sending goods to one country to another country. The main aim of exporting is to earn foreign currency for their country with that they can buy necessary products by importing of foreign products as no country is capable of producing every product. In other words, Developing Countries like India Sell Exports so they can Import of the Products they can’t manufacture.

The Export Business can be profitable for all sizes Businesses. Export Business helps in growing sales, creating more jobs which help to reduce the unemployment of the country and the employees in export Sector earn more money than non-exporting businesses.

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There are various benefits of Exporting:-

1. Increase sales of the product

Exporting is the fastest way of increasing your sales potential because you earn more money from the international markets rather than domestic markets

Increasing sales will reduce your cost of production per unit which helps you in becoming competitive in the highly competitive market.

2. Increasing profits

Exporting helps in earning major profits because the average orders from the international buyers are usually higher, bigger and larger than the Domestic buyers. Especially in that case if you are offering  The product which is something unique, special and innovative in nature.

3. Unlimited Growth

The potential of export market is Huge. You can grow your co. at a higher level in a less span of time.

4. Untapped Market

By exporting you can untapped the markets internationally for your unique product which is still yet not available in the world market.

5. Exemption from the Government

Exports also help you to gain exemption from the Government taxes such as exemption in Income tax, Exemption in customs and Excise duty, Exemption in sales tax etc.

6. Status as an Exporter

Exporting also gain you a valuable Status in the international level.