Important Aspect of Digital India

Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. The aim of Digital India is to provide the government services available to the citizens of India by reducing the paperwork. Government of India has launched the Digital India Programme with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

This initiative includes the big plan to connect the rural, village and underdeveloped areas with high speed internet networks


The 3 main objectives of Digital India initiative includes

  1. Creation of Digital services
  2. Creation of Digital Infrastructure
  3. Creation of Digital services

With this initiative both the service providers and consumers will be benefitted. This project is one of the most significant project among the higher priority projects of Our Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi.


Benefits of Digital India

  1. Availability of high internet speed, through this the work will be done in a speedy manner in a less period of time also it will reduce the paperwork problems. It will also help in reducing corruption as everything will go digital which will help to monitor the errors in a quickest way.
  2. Facilities will be available to the people through this initiative, includes digital locker facility, e-education services, e-health services, e-commerce services for improving ease of doing business etc.
  3. Top CEOs of the company in India as well as abroad has committed to invest Rs.4.5 lakh crore that is equal to almost $70 Billion dollars towards this Digital India Program. This huge investment will be utilized in making Smartphones and internet services at an affordable prices so that it will directly help in generating Jobs in India.


The Key points of Digital India are as follows

  1. Public internet access Programme
  2. Electronic manufacturing with the aim of Zero Imports
  3. E-governance  which will reform Government operations through Technology
  4. E-kranti , it includes  electronic delivery of services
  5. Jobs for IT Industry
  6. Information for Everybody
  7. Connecting Highways Broadband

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